ZaadTrek Resumes

It has been 5 years, since the birth and then, almost immediate, shelving of the ZaadTrek idea.  While the air was kicked from our sails with the sudden and unexpected death of our colleague, friend and business mate, Paul Lindenberg, Pieter Zaadstra and myself (Les Booth) have never lost hope that one day we would recover and go on.  Well, recovery will still take time. But we ARE going forward.

We made great plans for Pieter Zaadstra to become a world traveling ‘artist en residence’ – at a number of venues; some of them becoming regular; annual if popularity would deem.  Pieter did make a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa to spend 2 weeks with our colleague and friend, Paul Lindenberg – seeing selected areas of South Africa and Botwanna.  During Pieter’s trip, he wrote several, ‘notes from the field’ and filed them with me for inclusion in the ZaadTrek.  A few dribbled into the old ZaadTrek site, but my own poor health kept getting in the way.

Upon Pieter’s return, he began putting charcoal and acrylic onto sheets of Yupo paper and created a series he called, High Thunder Afrika.   The image below, Leopard and Kill, is from that series.  I don’t remember exactly how many image Pieter created for High Thunder Afrika , but they were extensive.  And gorgeous..!

Since that fateful turn of the annual ring, Pieter has created many more images, in a number of different venues and series.  I have recovered and in much better health.  Both of us continue to miss our Bru from South Africa.

Join us for a tour of the world at the brush tip, camera lens, keyboard and voice – on the ZaadTrek tour.

… Kuwa Vizuri